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Opening Fall 2025

The Future is Ours

The Hotel Rambler is an invitation for the modern traveler to discover innovation, not just in the places they go, but within themselves, too.

Located at
Montgomery Quarter

Montgomery Quarter is home to all, welcoming you to be part of something big.

Between vibrant residences, open-air dining and shopping, and world-class amenities, our public spaces become living spaces for the community and each individual. With The Hotel Rambler at the heart of it all, every experience is informed by a true sense of belonging and the excitement of what’s yet to come.

Step into our elevated bar and lounge where you’ll find innovative cocktails and a playful atmosphere. This multi-space eatery is a tasteful homage to the rebellious-side of the 1950s.

Great Ideas
Live Here

From the futuristic artwork on its walls to the Mid-Century Modern decor that furnishes every room, The Hotel Rambler is not only a journey through the greatest minds of the 1950’s, but more uniquely, it’s an exploration of the unseen ideas that those same creators could have had if they were still alive today.

The Hotel Rambler

7711 Roosa Street, Montgomery, Ohio 45242

Developed in a joint venture by Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate, Inc., Brandicorp, and Neyer Properties, Inc.